About Us


At FineWeddingFinds we bridge the gap between past and present bride/grooms. “The Past” is able to move forward with cash for gems they’ll never again use while “The Future” will be able to have that wedding without breaking the bank. We’re the only online consignment store that services a specific need, the need of todays “happily ever after”.


My wife and I both went through this process. After our wedding, we wanted to keep everything since it all “had meaning”. Soon after we realized we can turn “straw into gold” as the saying goes. We sold our wedding stuff and was able to take a much-needed vacation!!! In addition, a new bride was able to say “yes to her dress” for much less than retail. Win Win and happiness all around!!!

Our Goal

The wedding scene has exploded within the past 20 years with all the tv shows and movies. Everyone wants to have this, and deserves this, but unfortunately, everyone can’t because of original costs. Well, that ends now!! There’s no reason why everyone can’t have their dream wedding, and at FineWeddingFinds, we’ll help bring that to you.

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